Young Star award

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winner: illusive mind

I recently graduated with a bachelor degree in Fashion Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. As a fashion designer I am challenging myself to find new ways to create innovative textiles by using unforeseen materials and by finding new techniques to enable these textiles to strongly influence the shape of each design.

My final collection ‘’illusive mind’’ is inspired by the stimulus our senses are exposed to every day and how it effects the individual visual perception of reality. In order to create a visual reality the brain needs certain information from our eyes as input, such as motion, edges and color. The collection ‘Illusive mind’ focuses on playfully distorting this communication in order to reveal the boundaries between reality and individual perception: surrendering to an illusion in which given materials, appearances, shapes and prints create a motion that exists only in our mind.

During the realization process of this collection, I worked together with the company Print Unlimited and Walter Huinink. He is the head of the digital- and graphic workshop at our school. At ArtEZ I was able to experiment with a lot of different materials and printing techniques. The offspring of these experiments finally lead to the prints which form one of the cornerstones of my collection “Illusive Mind”.

The reason why I started this project came out of my fascination with the idea of an illusion of moving shapes created by the composition of the prints. We cannot overcome the results of a distorted communication between the brain and the eyes, which is the source of this phenomenon, we can only surrender to it. By using repetitions of lines, colour contrasts and a combination of flexible and stiff materials, it was my goal to trigger the illusion that a fixed print starts moving slightly in front of your eyes, but only as a result of adulterated reception of reality.